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  • Build Back Better

    Tue 07 Jun 2022

    As the country returns to work after the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations, we consider what we have and have not learnt over seventy years of the property market.

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  • Here be Dragons

    Wed 04 May 2022

    Robert Carter of R Longstaff and Co enjoys some spring sunshine and considers whether this is a good time to buy and sell property.

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    Mon 07 Feb 2022

    The Partners of R Longstaff & Co. and Escritt Barrell Golding (EBG) are delighted to announce that their practices have merged with effect from 21st January 2022.

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  • Best Agency Network 2021

    Wed 22 Dec 2021

    The Guild of Property Professionals.

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  • British Property Awards

    Wed 22 Dec 2021

    We are very pleased to announce we have won it again!

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  • Ode to Joy

    Thu 02 Dec 2021

    Graham Johnson of R. Longstaff & Co considers changes in the real estate market as 2021 draws to a close.

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  • Resistance is Futile

    Wed 03 Nov 2021

    Graham Johnson or R Longstaff and Co compares COP26 and little green men with the November property market.

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  • Lower Glebe Farm, Glatton

    Wed 23 Jun 2021

    We’re delighted to offer Lower Glebe Farm, Glatton (Cambs) For Sale.

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  • What Goes Up - Goes Up Further

    Tue 01 Jun 2021

    Graham Johnson of R Longstaff and Co looks to a genius to make some sense of a property market, the like of which we haven’t seen since the 1980s.

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  • A Year On

    Wed 07 Apr 2021

    Graham Johnson of R Longstaff and Co looks at how property buyers’ interests and demands have changed over the past twelve months.

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